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ROCKY MOUNTAIN MICROSCOPE CORPORATION (RMMC) has been providing quality sales, service, consultation and training since our founding in 1976. Our mission is simply to provide the best customer service we possibly can. This is accomplished through personal consultation with competent people. We've found the best way to achieve this is through application of “The Golden Rule” - we treat others the way we wish to be treated.

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Our company has been at its current location since 1979. Our 3,000 square foot facility houses a showroom with a variety of microscope systems and accessories, 3 full-service departments for microscope and objective service, and our administrative offices and lounge area.

We confine ourselves strictly to Light Microscopy - we do not provide any services for Electron Microscopy - TEM or SEM. As such, our efforts have been evident within all areas utilizing the light microscope - from Medical to Research, from Materials Analysis to Semiconductor, from Semen Evaluation to Embryo Transfer work in AI, from Water Quality Analysis to Water Treatment Monitoring, and from Petroleum Geology to Petrography and Ore Microscopy. In short, we tend to be involved with any application utilizing the light microscope - both stereo and non-stereo.

We invite you to compare our services with those you’re currently using. We’ll welcome the opportunity to be of service.