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Semen Evaluation Microscopes

RMMC Semen Evaluation Microscope, Complete with Custom Heating Stage

Looking for a quality Semen Evaluation Microscope, suitable for bovine or equine applications?  Whether you’re looking for a microscope to examine bull or stallion semen samples, our units have been used routinely and recommended by top practitioners and teaching facilities for over 35 years.  The reasons are simple:  they are reliable, of high quality, and easy to use correctly.  The AI industry has become swamped with cheap and shoddy units, accompanied by claims of suitability that simply do not exist.  Our Semen Evaluation systems have utilized high quality positive phase contrast and heating stage features that make them a top-rated microscope for this work.  We encourage you to use our substantial experience in both cost-effective sales and consulting -- we’ve been pleased to make a real difference between limping along with poor quality instruments and getting the job done right with well-designed and reliable equipment. ROCKY MOUNTAIN MICROSCOPE CORPORATION  (RMMC) has been providing Semen Evaluation Microscope Systems for over 40 years and Embryo Transfer Microscopes for over 35 years.   Our models vary, based upon past recommendations. All configurations incorporate our heating stage w/controller and contrast optics. The costs vary with microscope brand, objectives (number & type) and condenser (type) configurations.

We provide no instructions with our heating stage controller – it’s simply turned on and allowed to stabilize at 37.5ºC (indicated by green LED).  This stage/controller combination is capable of maintaining physiological temperature to within ± 0.2° C, depending upon the environment.  Footprint of the controller is approximately 1/5 ft².

RMMC has provided Semen Evaluation Microscopes utilizing Meiji, Nikon, Olympus, and Zeiss systems. We currently use primarily Meiji (MT4000 LED series-based models) and Olympus (BX-based models).

RMMC Semen Evaluation Microscope Package #6

This model is our most popular version, the 76-SE-3HFB - a Binocular microscope with phase contrast at 200X, 400X, and 1000Xoil, providing excellent contrast enhancement for progressive motility, primary/secondary defects, and morphology, respectively.  The system is provided with a limited lifetime warranty for Mechanics & Optics and one year for Electronics (parts & labor).  This microscope utilizes an LED light source, thereby avoiding the need for lamp replacement (rated average life is approximately 20,000 hours).  Pricing: $6,100.00 with Credit Card.  Deduct 8% if paid with Check or Direct Deposit

Additional Note:  We'll be adding photos, descriptions, and prices for additional models - both basic and research - weekly, so check in from time-to-time for additional postings.


The shipping charge of $90.00 is for UPS-Ground within the U.S.  No International Shipping is Available.



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