In Memoriam


Willis C. Gorthy
1934 – 2014

I had the distinct opportunity to first learn from and later work for Dr. Gorthy, during the period of 1969 through early 1974. He represented well what a dedicated educator was, as well as a committed research scientist. This gifted and patient man afforded me much latitude to explore expanding technology and techniques, not always associated with our experimental eye research. He maintained a first-rate facility and oversaw years of NIH-sponsored cataract research. His efforts at providing solid grounding for technical microscopy were borne out in his early coursework entitled, “The Light Microscope and Related Instrumentation”. Numerous students - both undergraduates and graduates - benefited from his work. I was one, and the opportunities and grounding serve me to this day. It has been said in science that “we stand on the shoulders of giants”. Sometimes, the “giants” aren't well-known or standouts within public or academia, but they've functioned as such, nonetheless. My love of research and quality instrumentation stem from this man’s contributions.


Robert W. Grover
1929 - 2014

Mr. Grover was both a gentleman and competent technical man, one whose curiosity never seemed to dull. Early in my exposure, Bob was a technical representative for Zeiss, representing both the Micro and Med areas of their marketing, largely within the Mountain West. He later formed Grover Instruments Corporation, specializing in microscope sales and consultation. Bob served as an unique and encouraging mentor in all things concerning light microscopy. For more than 40 years of contacts with technical representatives, Bob remained a standout in both competence and enthusiasm. Always an educator, he enjoyed sharing knowledge gained from decades of experience. That he was also solidly ethical was icing on the cake. Treasured Memories.

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