Microscope Service & Repair Training



Due to continued demand and interest in Microscope Service & Repair Training, RMMC is again offering Our Workshops for BioMeds and Instrumentation Specialists.

Dates for 5-Day BASIC Workshop in Microscope Service & Repair:

October 14-18, 2024

Our ADVANCED Workshop for 2024 is now scheduled for October 21-25

WHY RMMI For Training?

RMMI offers training no other organization offers, be it OEM, a distributor, university, or technical school.  This statement is founded in the following:

  • RMMI is an independent facility and, as such, is not hobbled by having only one brand or manufacturer to present – we maintain a variety of manufacturers & models to both address what you will encounter and illustrate comparisons.
  • Unlike OEM and distributor sessions, RMMI presents relevant troubleshooting based on technical microscopy, as related to your work environment. This Workshop is not just a “cookbook” of “how-to” lessons for a particular model, but rather, it’s aimed at providing participants with a knowledgebase for the confident application of principles.  Put another way, we make every effort to present and practice the principles involved, not the particular design of a given manufacturer.
  • Our training is personalized with individual attention aimed at success, both in the Workshop and upon return to your workplace.
  • Our facility is now limited to four attendees per session. In our previous Workshops (both Basic and Advanced), we accommodated up to eight.  Due to partial retirement of Nicolas Berrong, we’ve reduced the number for Brett Berrong to handle personally.  A side note: Brett has been the Service Manager for RMMC for 37 years and previously assisted with both the Basic and Advanced Workshops for 31 years.

Space is limited to four participants on a first-come, first-served basis.  We have provided a contact form for more information.

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