Microscope Service Tools & Supplies

The following service tools and supplies have been used in both teaching workshops and routine applications within our service department for decades.  Descriptions and pricing are as follows:

  • Solution Dispenser - Very useful in controlled dispensing of cleaning solution.  It is especially recommended when optical cleaning is being performed routinely.  $32.00
  • Circular Straightedge - Important for checking/establishing the perpendicularity of the stage surface with respect to the optical axis. Note: Also included, a 15mm adapter for RMS-to-M25 threads, extending its versatility for both the Nikon Eclipse and Leica DM microscopes.  $375.00
  • Pin-Face Spanner - This four-position, pin-face spanner wrench has proven to be one of the most useful multi-purpose tools for the microscope service agent.  $170.00
  • Focusing 10X Eyepiece w/Centered Crosshair - Used in combination with centered objective and/or alignment slide.  $285.00
  • Centered Objective - A very useful tool to effect collimation of prism(s) and/or mirror(s) within the viewing head. This assists with alignment of the head and its components with respect to a precisely aligned objective in the nosepiece.  $485.00
  • Alignment Slide - This is an alternative to the above centered objective when only alignment discrepancy is being checked. Normally, it does not allow one to determine which prism(s) or mirror(s) are out of collimation. It merely allows the service personnel to confirm misalignment.  $115.00
  • Centering Telescope - A standard item for much optical troubleshooting and very useful in checking for the presence of immersion oil within objective lenses.  $105.00
  • B&L Hastings Triplet 7X Loupe - A highly recommended hand magnifier (loupe), useful for inspection of objective front lenses and a host of other applications where crisp, bright images are required with
    ample free working distance. $42.00
  • Eyetube Reducer - A necessary accessory when using either #4 (above) or #7 (above) with 30mm I.D. eyetubes. $55.00
  • AO10/20 Fine Focus Tool - This tool allows for proper disassembly of
    the fine focus mechanism. The end nut is often very difficult to remove without this tool. Without removing the end nut, no genuine service and/or repair can be performed.  $75.00
  • Lubrication Kit - Our complete kit:13 - 1 oz. containers of lubricants (Tempra oil, P68 oil, P1200 oil, 72515, 6308, 1150E, PG2S, 1160E, 1160C, PG3S, 1160B, 767A, and 74075B) and 24 applicator sticks.  $185.00
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