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RMMC Embryo Transfer Microscope 76-ET-2L

RMMC Embryo Transfer Microscope, New. Our systems have been recognized as best buys for animal reproduction and are routinely recommended by leaders within the industry.  We’re now in our second generation of product, the 76-ET-2L System.  The field of animal reproduction has become swamped with cheap and shoddy units, accompanied by claims of suitability for ET that simply do not exist. We encourage you to use our substantial experience in both cost-effective sales and consulting -- we’ve been pleased to make a real difference between limping along with poor quality instruments and getting the job done right with well-designed and reliable equipment.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN MICROSCOPE CORPORATION provides this high quality Meiji EMZ-5 w/new variable LED Illumination and our Custom Tilting Mirror.  This mirror is specifically aligned to fund both sides of the Greenough design with homogeneous illumination to a zoom position of approximately 1X - something unobtainable with the stock mirror.  Additionally, we modify the diffusion of the illumination path and provide a more homogeneous field of view than that of the stock system.  This greatly assists in successful searching for embryos at low magnification.  The depth of field at low magnification ordinarily allows visualizing the stock diffuser pattern, making it difficult to distinguish embryos.   The magnification range is from 14X to 90X, low enough to scan and high enough to differentiate embryos and eggs.  The zoom control knobs are conveniently located on both right- and left-sides of the zoom body, providing a quick change in magnification from high-to-low and back.  Sharp focus is maintained throughout.  Provided with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for Optics & Mechanics and One-Year Warranty for Electronics. Pricing:  $2,885.00 with Credit Card.  Deduct 7% if paying with Check or Direct Deposit



  • For measurement of embryos, a linear metric eyepiece micrometer with calibration values is available.  Price: $110.00
  • A rugged, custom-carrying case with handle and wheels is available for field work - a convenient solution for portability & protection.  Price: $405.00

Our after-the-sale service is unrivaled in the field - we stand ready to assist in the proper use of the unit and with any problems encountered.  We've been assisting practitioners in AI and ET efforts for over 35 years and will be pleased to have the opportunity to serve you.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our products are confined to animal breeding activities and not intended for human IVF programs.



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