Microscopes for Missions

RMMC has been providing Microscopes for Missions for years.  These are ordinarily configured for the application(s) and environment in which they’re to be used. Please Note:  We have a limited supply of microscopes suitable for foreign missions and they’re typically earmarked for Christian Medical Missions and Christian Veterinary Missions. Should you be a qualifying agency, you’re welcome to contact us for a donated unit.  You’re welcome to fill out the form for our review - for a more thorough communication, you can copy and email the Inquiry section.   We work with what we have available - when our missions inventory is depleted, we add requests to a waiting list and fill them on a first-come, first-served basis.

We also accept donations which can be outfitted for foreign missionary work. Please Note:  Please contact us prior to sending any donated microscope - not all units are suitable to recondition for field use.

Microscope for Missions Inquiry

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Purpose of this request for microscope (laboratory, field, etc.):

Will there be a reliable electrical source?  If so, what is the voltage and cycles (120V/60Hz, etc.)

Are there any specific designs or configurations needed?  (Monocular viewing, Binocular viewing, mechanical specimen movement, desired objectives, oil immersion, etc.)

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How will the unit be transported?

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